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Courses Taught

  1. Data Representation for Educators
  2. STEM EdD Learning Community
  3. Cultural Heritage EdD Learning Community
  4. Computer Mediated Communication in Education, graduate and undergraduate
  5. Software Engineering Capstone, graduate and undergraduate
  6. Software Engineering Seminars, graduate
  7. Testing and Reliability Seminars, graduate
  8. Ethics of Computing, graduate and undergraduate
  9. Graduate Research Seminar
  10. Computers and Society, undergraduate
  11. Computer Ethics, undergraduate computer science and philosophy
  12. Information, Technology, and Society, undergraduate
  13. Formal Specification Techniques, graduate and undergraduate
  14. Foundations of Computer Science, undergraduate
  15. Computers, Security, and Ethics, graduate
  16. Graphics I and II, graduate
  17. Computer Vision, graduate
  18. Artificial Intelligence, graduate and undergraduate
  19. Data Structures, undergraduate
  20. Programming Languages, undergraduate
  21. Software Documentation, undergraduate
  22. Advanced Programming, undergraduate
  23. Introduction to Programming, undergraduate
  24. Emiquon: Floodplain Ecology; undergraduate and graduate Public Affairs Colloquium
  25. Robethics, undergraduate