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Professional Experience

University of Missouri—St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri Emerson Electric Endowed Professor of Technology and Learning 1999-Present I am director of the E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center.  This center is a technology “hothouse” for research and the application of technology in the classroom.  The center has a staff of 20 and houses programs for the College of Education as well as K-12 classroom teachers and administrators.  I teach in the undergraduate and graduate program and direct research projects on educational technology.
Cooperating School Districts (Merged with Regional Consortium for Education and Technology) St. Louis, Missouri Director, Educational Technology 1994-1999 I was responsible for developing and maintaining budgets, supervising staff, overseeing video productions and providing technology staff development.  Under my direction, CSD has established its presence on the Internet, developed an intranet, provided IT planning to school districts, launched a distance learning initiative and provided staff development for teachers and administrators.
St. Louis University St. Louis, Missouri Adjunct Professor of Education 1995-1999 I taught educational technology courses in the doctoral program, supervised internships in technology for doctoral students, and served as a technology advisor to the education program.
Webster University St. Louis, Missouri Adjunct Professor of Education 1996-1999 I taught educational technology courses in the Master of Arts program.
Shanxi Education College Republic of China Visiting Professor July/August 1991 I taught teacher education faculty members and administrators how to integrate technology into the curriculum and how to teach “hands on” science.
Regional Consortium for Education and Technology (RCET) St. Louis, Missouri Executive Director 1984-1994 During my tenure at RCET, the staff grew to 18 people and an annual budget of $5 million.  I guided RCET in providing staff development for thousands of administrators and educators, founded the Midwest Education and Technology Conference, and assisted in the introduction of interactive video and other technologies to schools.  I acquired grants and established a school district dues system that gave RCET a financial base. RCET merged with CSD in 1994.
Washington University St. Louis, Missouri Adjunct Associate Professor of Education 1984-1989 I consulted for the Center for the Study of Data Processing (CSDP) programs in technology planning and training.
Incarnate Word College San Antonio, Texas Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Professional Studies Moody (Foundation) Professor, 1984 1977-1984 I was responsible for supervising 15 full-time faculty members and 20 part-time faculty members and for leading programs in teacher education, vocational home economics, fashion design, fashion merchandising, interior design, food sciences, nutrition and allied health.  I developed and administered a budget of approximately $l million.  I developed the computer education program and taught courses in the program.  I was active in faculty governance.  In 1984, I was selected as the Moody Professor.
United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) National Teacher Training College Maseru, Lesotho, Africa Expert 1975-1977 I assisted in the development of the college curriculum, coordinated the production of self-instructional materials (with more than 50 units produced during the two years), supervised technology use (printing, video labs and other audiovisual equipment), supervised Peace Corps volunteers, taught courses, advised the director of the college and coordinated the college’s teaching improvement program.  In 1976, I represented the Government of Lesotho at a UNESCO Conference in Nigeria.
Webster University St. Louis, Missouri Assistant Professor 1973-1976 (leave of absence 1975-1976) I taught in the undergraduate and graduate education programs.  I developed an undergraduate major in child study, which was unique in that it prepared students to work with children in both non-school and school settings.  I also coordinated microteaching and the use of multimedia in the classroom.  I was offered the position of Director of Teacher Education at Webster but instead chose to accept a position with UNESCO.
The Yacht “Makado” Sailing in the Atlantic Tutor and Crew Member 1972-73 I tutored two students who were sailing on the yacht and assisted in sailing the yacht.
Museum of Science Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Director of Education 1971-72 I supervised a staff of 24 people who developed and taught educational programs within the museum and in the community.  I also supervised interns from colleges and universities in the Boston area.
School of Education University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts Instructor 1970-71 I coordinated and taught education courses to undergraduate students, advised undergraduate students, served on doctoral committees and was the co-director of a National Science Foundation grant.
Montpelier School District Montpelier, Vermont Consultant 1969-70 I assisted the district in the implementation of the Science Curriculum Improvement Study (SCIS).
Alameda Junior High School Jefferson County, Colorado Science Teacher 1966-1968 I taught physical science to eighth-grade students.

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